TimberOffice 5 - Forest machine fleet performance management system
TimberOffice 5 is a new machine fleet performance management system designed for forestry contractors and forestry companies. It includes the most developed software on the market for forest machine data management and machinery control.

TimberOffice 5 - Complete solution for harvesting and forestry machinery control
The new TimberOffice 5 helps users easily use information gained from forestry machines – decision-making becomes faster and business operations more competitive and profitable.

TimberOffice 5 - High productivity is essential for profitable machine contracting
TimberOffice 5 Fleet Management offers contractors and forest companies the most advanced solution for harvesting and forestry machinery performance control.

New TimberOffice 5 Software version 5.8



John Deere has further developed the TimberOffice 5 software. The new TimberOffice version 5.8 is more powerful, user-friendly and helps contractors efficiently to use information gained from forestry machines, both from harvesters and forwarders. John Deere Forestry dealers and customers can download and install the latest TimberOffice 5 version from TimberOffice web page.

Main improvements

Improved WDT (Wireless Data Transfer)
- Faster TimberLink data import
- New clear WDT user interface

Check for updates -functionality
- Check for TimberOffice 5 software update when starting the TimberOffice 5
- Support for checksum calculation ensures integrity of the TimberOffice installation package after it has been fully downloaded

Improved support for StanforD2010
- HPR (Harvester Production)
- MOM (Monitoring data)
- HQC (Harvesting Quality Control)

Support for
- Ecolog files
- DASA prd files

Improved tree species and assortment sorting / presentation order (Cutting Instructions)

New Dealer module
- All dealer features available in one place (icon at the left bottom corner)

TimberLink displays available also for Waratah (Waratah version)