TimberLink™ Machine Performance and Condition Monitoring System Now Available for Offices!

John Deere is launching a new version of its machine performance and condition monitoring system, TimberLink. Thanks to TimberLink, the performance and condition of forest machines can now also be monitored in an office environment. Machine entrepreneurs can easily keep track of the performance of one or more machines and ensure that they run optimally. Information can be transferred from the forest machine to the office either by e-mail or with the help of a USB memory stick, for example. TimberLink allows the machine’s performance to be monitored during normal operation on a harvesting site. The operator can also make adjustments to the machine’s settings in order to optimise performance with the conditions of a specific site in mind.

TimberLink is also a handy tool for preventive maintenance, since it collects and processes data on the machine’s condition and performance. For example, by measuring the performance of the machine and its different mechanisms, the ageing of different components can be monitored and maintenance services timed just right.

Productivity, reliability and low operating costs are key success factors in logging:

Better Productivity
- facilitates the identification of changes in the machine’s performance
- facilitates the optimisation of the machine’s settings

More Uptime
- enables preventive maintenance; a change in fuel consumption or productivity, for example, can be a sign that the machine needs servicing
- speeds up troubleshooting

Lower Operating Costs
- enables the optimisation of the machine’s fuel economy; helps to analyse the reasons behind an increase in the machine’s fuel consumption, for example