TimberNavi is a Geographic Information System (GIS) that uses Global Positioning System (GPS). With TimberNavi the machine operator can see his position on a computer display with other map information such as terrain information and harvesting areas, in real time.

TimberNavi can be used in harvesters, in forwarders and also in office. When TimberNavi is used in machines, the system shows to operator his position on a digital map and the system also reacts to information on the map.

At the office the machine operator or wood procurement manager can add important information as an additional layer on the map of TimberNavi. This information could include for example, symbols such as key biotopes, power lines, stand borders, tracks, stacks of cross cut logs, timber storage places etc.

TimberNavi makes also possible to use harvester production data in forwarder. With communication functions of TimberNavi harvester operator could send the information about the harvester production and tracking layer to the forwarder. And then the forwarder operator could visualize the harvester production and tracking route of the harvester on the TimberNavi map. That will ease the operators work, because he could see the places where each assortments are harvested and that way he could plan his routes more efficiently.

TimberNavi™ is also able to print out maps which are particularly useful to the forwarder operator, landowner and wood procurement organization. They can show what is going on in the stand, and what was done during harvesting.