JDLink Ultimate screen gives more specific information of the chosen forestry machine: about the operating hours, fuel consumption and harvester productivity: 

  • Fuel information: fuel rate l/h and fuel tank level
  • Fuel consumption per day, l/day
  • Fuel consumed by stem volume, l/m³ *)
  • Fuel consumed Utilization (catching / processing / other) *)
  • Machine time distribution (catching / processing / other) *)
  • Machine utilization by machine state
  • TimberMatic Version Number *)
  • Maximum hydraulic oil and coolant temperatures
  • Odometer
  • Time range and high range distance traveled
  • Engine utilization (low, medium and high load)
  • Engine information (Exhaust filter soot level and cleanings)
  • Time in exhaust filter soot level
  • Stem production rate, m³/h *)
  • Average standard stem volume, m³ *)
  • Stem volume (standard / MTH / energy) *)
  • Stem volume and stem count (standard / MTH / energy) *) 
  • Curfew function
  • Geofencing function

*) New harvester feature, available in all new John Deere CTL harvesters from the middle of February 2016. Please contact your local John Deere dealer to activate the new features to your John Deere IT4 harvester. 

 NOTE: Each feature can be viewed separately with full screen views by pressing the expand arrow symbol on top of the desired feature. Collapsing is done vice versa.